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6 Tips To Help Save You Money During Online Trading

These advices are for all traders: experience and education are the two key components to becoming successful with online trading. 1) Every trader has to learn money management. You are going to lose every so often. There is no way around this. The bad part comes when traders tend to put themselves into more debt by […]

Forex Basic Elements and AlfaTrade

Trading currencies online through the Forex market can be fascinating and frustrating at the same time. For those who take the time to understand the currency market and learn to predict future exchange rates with reasonable accuracy, being right on the direction of prices provides mental and financial satisfaction. For those who approach it from […]


AlfaTrade: How to Read Currency Charts with Confidence

Trading in Forex means that you will have to become good at reading currency charts, taking that information and putting it into action in your trade strategy. These charts show currency and their value over a particular amount of time. It is the job of currency traders to take that information and transform it into […]


AlfaTrade: How to Trade the Ever Common Inverted Hammer Candlestick

If you’ve been trading forex for some time now or has been studying up to trade the $5-trillion-per-day market, there’s a high probability you’ve encountered a tool called candlestick, which traders use to make sense of what currency pairs are doing. Using candlestick patterns as signals for entering and exiting forex positions is a viable […]

UltraTrade: Why beginner traders should trade binary options

Binary options are relatively new when it comes to their availability to the general public. These types of financial bets offer what more traditional online brokerage accounts don’t. These benefits include limited downside risk, ability to make small bets, and opportunities to trade many markets from a single account. Here, we present an overview as […]