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Enjoy the Era of Integrated Home with Westfair TV

Gone are the days when all electronics were manually controlled. It used to be hectic more so because one had to be there physically and in close contact to operate it. It therefore made it time consuming and there was minimal convenience. The development of a ‘smart home’ by Westfair TV marked a new era in convenience creation. It is actually a dream come true for all the people who wished there was a technology to connect the automated systems at home. It is normally installed in homes with a control system which is able to connect all the systems at home that are using automation. These could be entertainment, systems of security or even lighting. This has made it very easy now since you can control several systems just by a press of a button from a central location. It has never been easier.


All this is achieved by use of a central interface to where all systems are connected to. In 2008, Westfair TV won an award for the best integrated home where it featured use of touch screens in different home areas. They offer an interface that is able to control operations in the house. The good thing is that it can also control temperatures and lighting. Initially, for one to control lighting in the house, one had to control lighting in the house, he/ she had to move about opening vents and curtains. Well, the times have changed now. Creating enough ambient lighting in your house is just a button away.


As the world grows and becomes more sophisticated, less and less efforts are used. This in turn has led to much ease in use of different operations and systems. It even gets better. The TV can install you this integrated home at very convenient prices and your life at home will never be the same again. It is easy to access the information for you to set your mind on the specific feature you require. This can be done by visiting their official webpage. The LinkedIn also have a page on the same and the current happenings.

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