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Future Classics on a Budget

budgetClassic cars are becoming an increasingly sensible investment as long as you choose wisely. Like any investment, the key is to buy while prices are low, maintain it well and avoid putting too many miles on the model. As a bonus, classics tend to be eligible for cheaper insurance prices and those made before 1973 are tax exempt, according to the official website [URL:]. The following are all available for less than £10,000 and are likely to increase in value in the future, allowing you to have some fun in the meantime!

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet
The W124 edition of the E-Class can be found from £6,000 and, thanks to its excellent build quality and reliability, still makes a practical everyday vehicle. There are distinctly unglamorous saloons and estates available plus a rather stylish Coupe, but it’s the Cabriolet that deserves your attention and is likely to provide the best return on the investment.

Alfa Romeo 156 GTA
This Italian stallion makes a nice change from the usual suspects, with prices starting at £4,000. It’s got a stellar 3.2 litre V6 Busso engine under its stylish bonnet and emits a growl from the exhaust. It’s not as reliable as the premium German classics and the handling is a little raw, but it’s immense fun on the road and as a fairly niche purchase tends to have been well cared for.

Renault Clio V6 Sport
Another modern classic that can be found from £8,000, this 2001 update on the earlier Group 4 Renault 5 Turbo is a funky little pocket rocket with 227 bhp to its name from a centrally mounted 24 valve Laguna engine. Post 2003 models are more desirable thanks to a bit of extra shove at 255 bhp and more confident handling.

Rover 75 V8
£5,000 will get you the ostensibly staid Rover 75 V8, with a rather stimulating surprise under the bonnet in the form of the Ford Mustang V8 used in the MG ZT. At the moment it’s a bargain due to high fuel prices but it’s a very civilised vehicle. It’s only a matter of time before its low profile appeal is recognised.

Jaguar XKR Supercharged
There’s a popular idea that the way to make money on auto investments is to buy junk cars and refurbish them back to a more desirable state. However you don’t always need to start low, as early XKR prices start at £4,000 and offer genuine supercar performance. There’s 370 bhp to play with and all the luxury fit and finish you expect from a Jaguar.

Nissan 350Z
Another offbeat choice, the 350Z is pure sports car entertainment but at the same time reliable, affordable and sexy. Look for well maintained, low mileage examples. Prices vary between £4,000 and £16,000.

Porsche Boxster
The Type 986 Boxster from the early days of its release in 1996 is probably one of the most accessible Porsches on the market. It turned out to be a watershed moment for the struggling manufacturer and has been one of Porsche’s most successful models. There are plenty around, starting at £4,000, but don’t go for the first one you see – hold out for one that’s been well loved.


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